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Don't wait too much longer.  Our one day Anniversary sale only runs for another 3 hours. We would love to see you to say thanks.
Happy Anniversary to Material Mart

Happy Anniversary to Material Mart
Happy Anniversary to Material Mart
Come Join us for cake.
Yes, you have kept us in business for two years. To say thanks we are offering 22% off everything in the store except machines and BOMs.

Get it?? Twenty "TWO" for 2 years in business. Pretty clever, huh.

With our anniversary we are also having door prizes and a drawing. When you're here be ready to jump on one of our 12 feet, you could WIN!

Come visit so we can say hello and thanks. Did I mention there is cake?

There are lots of good causes to support in Midland.  Here's one to consider.

Midland Open Door and House of Mercy
are having a fund raiser.  One of the
items to be auctioned off is this beautiful
quilt.  The fabric was donated by Material Mart and someone hand crafted this for this fund raiser. 
It's a beautiful quilt and a very worthy organization. 

This event will be held on

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at the "H Hotel."

Tickets are available. Contact Mien Ahrns or check with Open Door or House of Mercy for ticket and event information.

We were made aware of a mistake in our patterns for the Row by Row. The instructions say to enlarge the patterns 200% but that is wrong. The enlargement should only be 150%. The proper enlargement makes it fit the row. This applies to both the individual row and the complete quilt. Sorry for this goof up.

Please share this post with everyone you know who got a row. If you cannot post it call everyone, if you cannot call go door to door and share the news, if you cannot go door to door please stick your head out the window and yell to everyone who might have picked up a pattern.

Thank you all very much, and again, sorry. --Ed--

Kat City

Available in store for $118.00