New Pictures added to the Store Sample Sale...check out the "Special Event" page.

Here are our "Frog Quilt Contest" competitors.
Anchor man: "Let's go to our frog reporter on the street."
Frog Reporter: "Ribet, ribet; hop, hop, croak, croak, croak, hop"
(translation: "Once again our competitors have done a great with their projects.")
Frog Reporter: Hop, croak, ribet, croak, Leslie, hop, hop, hop, croak, ribet
(Translation: We had fun showing them off and store owner, Leslie, would like to thank all who participated.)
Frog Reporter: "Hop, hop, ribet, croak, croak, hoppity - Marcelle, Marilyn, Mary Jo, Beth, Julie and Monique...hoppity, croak, hoppity.
(Translation: Our great contestants are Marcelle, Marilyn (not shown) Mary Jo, Beth, Julie and Monique...great job.)

"Winner, winner quilt 'N dinner."
Sheila Hill is our
Row-by-Row Experience Winner.
Great job, Sheila, congratulations!

This stunning Edyta Sitar quilt is appliqued with laser cut appliques.

Called "Seasonal Silhouettes" it measures 52" X 72" and we have it for sale for $1500.00.

Come on in and see it in person.

Designer Ruby Royale
Pre-Sales going on NOW.  See Leslie
in the store if you are interested.

Check out this link from Viking for
more information.


We were made aware of a mistake in our patterns for the Row by Row. The instructions say to enlarge the patterns 200% but that is wrong. The enlargement should only be 150%. The proper enlargement makes it fit the row. This applies to both the individual row and the complete quilt. Sorry for this goof up.

Please share this post with everyone you know who got a row. If you cannot post it call everyone, if you cannot call go door to door and share the news, if you cannot go door to door please stick your head out the window and yell to everyone who might have picked up a pattern.

Thank you all very much, and again, sorry. --Ed--

Kat City

"Nursery Rhymes Quilt"
Embroidery software Patterns from
Anita Goodesigns

Available in store for $118.00