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M&S Textiles Australia is the largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on good quality 100% cotton fabric. Sham and Momo Lohani founded this company in the early 1990’s in Melbourne, Australia and immediately hit a snag. Aboriginal designs are beautiful and large, whereas quilters generally use smaller designs. In the end, the versatility of the designs and the genuine colors used won the hearts of quilters. Now, Aboriginal designs and fabrics are popular throughout the world.

Australian Aboriginal or Indigenous designs are colorful, vibrant and decorative. It is one of the longest continuing traditional arts in the world. In early days the Aboriginal people performed cave painting, rock painting, sand or ground painting, etc.

Most of the Aboriginal designs printed by M&S Textiles have a Dreamtime story. According to Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime is the time when the world was dark. There was nothing on earth. Their forefathers sprang up from underneath the soil and started building. They built mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees, light gardens and many more. Dreamtime is not a religion or cult; it is the way of living or a philosophy of living. Aboriginal used to be nomadic and collected foods from nature. They honored their ancestral lands or environment.

Today there are Aboriginal doctors, professors, lawyers, parliamentarians etc. in the community.

Aboriginal fabrics are useful for almost anything such as interior or home decorations including hotels, resorts etc. apparels, shirts, women’s dresses, children’s dresses, bed sheets, bed-covers, table runners, table cloths, ties, scarves, and many more.