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Oh Yea, Uh-huh, Oh Yea
These ladies added a little
"Bling Bling"
to their pillows.

The "hip" people sew at MM.

We had a computer expert in and he was able to get our computer straightened out.  Thanks, Henry.
I still want to ask you to be careful.  If you get an email from Material Mart do not respond or click on any link.  If you have questions call us, 989 835-8761.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Ed (on behalf of the real Material Mart)

We found this cross in the store.

The cross says:

"Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine"
which means
"With heart, mind and spirit uphold and bear the cross."

It also has FHS engraved on it.
We would love to return it to it's rightful owner.  If it's yours please come pick it up.

only one available
Wooly Lady BOM
"From the Ground Up"
cost: $72.98/month

With all the hype concerning the Epic we did not advertise the "Designer Jade 35" too much.  It's a fantastic entry level embroidery machine at a great price.  Take a look and then come see it in the store.