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Aurifil's Palazzo

“The Palazzo” - (sponsored by Aurifil Threads)

It has taken me a while to get this figured out and organized. Even so, we are excited about this new opportunity.

“The Palazzo” is a BOM sponsored by Aurifil thread. < >

Aurifil thread is a high quality thread made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown in the MAKO region of Egypt on the river Nile. Aurifil thread is long staple, which refers to the length of the fibers in the raw cotton Boll, the length of the fibers determines the quality of the cotton.

The Aurifil production process is based in Milan, Italy. It is there where the thread undergoes 15 steps before it becomes a spool ready for use. Aurifil offers cotton thread in 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt, 80wt, 40wt/3ply and a 6-strand floss. Their wool thread is available in 12wt and they also produce a Nylon Monofilament.

“The Palazzo” BOMis the latest chapter in Aurifil’s creative journey. It will showcase an exclusive monthly Foundation Paper Piecing quilt pattern designed by Kitty Wilkin (Night Quilter) in partnership with Aurifil’s 50wt Italian Color Builders.

“The Palazzo” BOMpromises to transport makers to the heart of Italy, encapsulating a rich and storied architectural history through the use of vibrant colour and contrast between fluid and angular shapes. We are confident that this program will be a source of inspiration and joy for all our hosts and subscribers, who will finish with a breathtaking quilt and an enviable Aurifil thread stash.

The quilt, shown below, is a simple design that captures images from Italy and uses the Aurifil threads in colors that highlight this specific Aurifil product.

Each month participants will receive 3 spools of thread designed specifically for this project. The colors are named for cities in Italy and capture one or more of the highlights of that particular city.

The cost for “The Palazzo” 12-month BOM is $35.00. Included in each month is the three spools of thread, a pattern and any guidance you may need to complete the project.

We would love to have you join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity.