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Christmas - Closed for the weekend

Join us on Friday Night for lock in. Bring a dish to pass, Material Mart furnishes the entree. Bring your special project or start a new one. The program runs from 1pm to 11pm.

Cost: $ 10.00
Bring your machine and project and sew to your heart's content. We like having you here.

Work on the project with the class.

Fun and heartwarming quilt done one row at at time. A true ROM (Row of the Month)


This is a new club added because of some interest and because we have some great embroiders on our staff.

Cost: $ 5.00
Come Show your latest project and show us how you are doing on the "First Saturday Pieced" Quilt or the "First Saturday Applique" Quilt.

Work on your projects in the company of friends. We can help you with some of you knitting questions.

Happy New Year


Come get new yarns and work on a project with Chantella's helpful hints.