We, at Material Mart, have been presented with an opportunity.  It is called “Operation: I AM MIDLAND.”  It is sponsored by “Red Threads.”

“Red Threads,” is a company that, in their words, makes “custom print T-Shirts like it’s what they were created to do.”  “Red Threads” specializes in screen printing, vinyl heat press and dye sublimation.
“Red Threads” is running a t-shirt campaign for the next 30 days to raise money for Midland small businesses.  It is called "I Am Midland."  This campaign was created with small businesses in mind to help make money to cover expenses during a time when they cannot open due to the governor’s executive order.
When people go to Shop Redthreads they have the option to purchase a shirt, or make a $50 donation. In the checkout process they will be required to make a choice from a drop-down menu as to which business they would like to support. (Here is an updated list of the businesses who are participating.)  $13 for every shirt purchased will go directly to the local business they choose.

After customers make their choice of whom to support, they can either have their item(s) shipped to them or they can pick up their items locally.
This is truly a blessing to Midland businesses.  If you feel led, go to their site, make a purchase and support Material Mart or the business of your choice.

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