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Material Mart Quilt Shop
 Full Service Quilt Shop providing professional Long Arm Quilting

Material Mart offers a full service Long Arm Quilting Department. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best long arm quilting. We strive to ensure that the final outcome of the quilting service exceeds your expectation.

We understand the time and love that you have put into your quilt and we want to help create a beautiful family heirloom for generations to come.


 What do I need to do before I bring in my quilt?

1. When you have completed your quilt top, call and reserve a spot on the quilting log.

2. You will be called when the quilter is ready for your quilt. Please do not bring in your quilt before you are called.

3. Please have your quilt top and backing pressed and free of loose threads. Backing must be in one piece.

4. Size of your backing, must be at least six(6) inches longer and six (6) inches wider than your quilt top.

5. If your backing must be seamed, please trim off the selvages. If you have pieced your backing, ensure that the ends are even. Please no bed sheets for backing.

6. If you provide the batting it must be four (4) inches longer and wider than the quilt..

7. You can either furnish the batting or purchase from the store. We have wool, cotton, and cotton/poly blends batting. We are sorry but we no longer accept polyester quilt batting.

8. The better you prepare your top and backing the faster we can quilt your beautiful quilt


Basic quilting - Per Square inch cost ranges from 0.015 to .025 cents. This covers the simple stipple or simple pantograph.

Custom, heirloom, or stitch-in- the ditch, 0.05 - 0.10 cents per square inch.

Assembling the backing - There will be a $10.00 charge for us to sew the backing together.

Thread - your first color is included in the quilting fee. Additional color changes are $5.00 per color change.

(other charges may apply)

Minimum charge for quilting is $35.00.