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Westalee Ruler 2018

RULER WORK – Free Motion Quilting

This is the latest trend in free motion quilting. You’ve seen it on a lot of the winning quilts at the big shows. (Margaret Solomon Gunn, Judi Madsen, Jamie Wallen, Patsy Thompson, etc.) A special ruler foot is needed for this technique. It is a ½” round, high lipped foot. The needle is in the center and it creates a ¼” stitching line away from the edge of the ruler.

Ruler work is fun and easy to learn. I have only had my foot a few months and have enjoyed using it with all my new rulers (very addictive). Ruler work involves running the foot along the side of the ruler. You need the special round ruler foot because you need to be able to run the ruler on all sides of the foot.

We will learn beginning straight and curved ruler work. You must know the basics of free motion quilting. This is NOT a beginning free motion quilting class. That is a different class. We will learn straight lines, cross hatching (curved and straight), triangles, arches, etc.

ALSO: Students will need the Beginner Ruler Kit. You can purchase either the "Arch With Feather" for $75.00; or the "Arch Without Feather" for $55.00.

ATTENTION: BERNINA sewing machines will need a special Adaptor Shank to fit the ruler foot onto. Please check with your Bernina dealer for this shank.

Cost: $ 25.00
$25.00 plus supplies; you will also need the Beginner Ruler Kit; cost for those is either $55.00 or $75.00 depending on which one you choose.